The Know Your Rights Project

know your rights, build your power.



We Charge Genocide:


the 10 Street Law Commandments:


Taking a Stand against Stop and Frisk NY:


Officer, Am I Free to Go (


Are Police Allowed to Lie to You (


How to Refuse Police Searches (


Immigrants Not for Sale:


the Know Your Rights Project on WBEZ:


the Illinois Juvenile Justice System:

Raise the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction in Illinois- Fact Sheet from the IL Juvenile Justice Commission

Youth Reentry Improvement Report- Fact Sheet from the IL Juvenile Justice Commission


Arresting Justice, a Report about Juvenile Arrests in Chicago (Project NIA and First Defense Legal Aid)

Stop Stop and Frisk- NYC Judge Finds NYPD Routinely Make Unconstitutional Street Stops


Blocks Together’s work for Safe Learning Environments

Restorative Justice in Schools- NY Times Article


Unnaccompanied Minors: Mother Jones article July/Aug 2014

National Immigration Law Center: Deferred Action for Children 

The Prison Industrial Complex:

The Economics of Incarceration 

What Incarceration costs Taxpayers

On Justice Reinvestment


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