The Know Your Rights Project

know your rights, build your power.


Interested in learning about youth justice issues? We can tailor the training to fit your team’s needs. We’ll need at least 45 minutes, and can also provide an in-depth seminar or series of trainings.

Here’s some of the topics we cover:

  • Basic Encounters with Police: What to do & what not to do when encountering police, who to call and how to get involved/learn more about issues of police contact and criminalization.
  • Addressing Police Violence: learn from the experiences of community members and brainstorm possible solutions
  • The School to Prison Pipeline: learn about your rights in schools and ways to dismantle the pipeline
  • Youth and the U.S. Justice System: an interactive and comprehensive history workshop created by the Community Justice Network for Youth (CJNY)
  • Journey through the IL JJ System: learn about the major aspects of the Juvenile Justice in Illinois in this game adapted from CJNY’s “Julie through the System”.
  • Get out of Jail, Stay out of Jail!:  participants analyze common interactions with the police and identify tactics for safely dealing with the police or other law enforcement while on probation, supervision or parole/aftercare.
  • Youth Rights are Human Rights: Learn about Juvenile Life without Parole and get connected to current efforts to bring fairness to youth
  • Juvenile Justice Jeopardy: test your knowledge of the basics of encounters with police, the school to prison pipeline, youth in the U.S justice system history and much more!

Please use the form below to request a training:



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